Spirit Mountain Stars Spirit Mountain Stars
Amenities at Spirit Mountain Casino


We're more than just gaming

Let your kids loose in a world full of the latest arcade games! We’ve got it all,
from air hockey to car racing
and everything in between.

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This fun, exciting child entertainment center provides kids with a place to play and socialize, all under the mindful
supervision of our friendly staff.

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Take a piece of Spirit Mountain Casino home with you. Bring a little bit of your winnings over to one of our two unique gift outlets and treat yourself, a friend or a loved one to a memento of whimsical fancy.

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Spirit Mountain Casino provides guests with free RV parking without hookups. You're welcome to pull up, park, stay and play as long as you like.

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General Information

27100 SW Salmon River Hwy
Grand Ronde, OR 97347
Phone: 503-879-2350
Toll-Free: 800-760-7977