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Lots o’ Slots at Spirit Mountain Casino!

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Lots o’ Slots at Spirit Mountain Casino! Event Details

At Spirit Mountain, we understand that a casino just isn’t a casino without the familiar sounds and lights of the slot machines on the gaming floor. Nothing beats the sound of clinking coins and the thrill that comes with a big pull, not to mention the feeling of excitement you get before your next spin.

Slots offer a fun environment that is carefree and rewarding. Playing slots is fun and easy to learn, especially for beginner gamers. All you have to do is pull the handle or press the play button and wait for the result—that’s it! With almost 2,000 slots, ranging from one penny to $100 games, there is something for everyone at Spirit Mountain Casino. Looking for your favorite slot machine? Check out our full list of slot machines to find your winning machine of the night to guarantee a big payout.

This month, we’re featuring our newest slot machine: Pawn Stars. Straight out of the hit TV show on the History channel, this slot game features your favorite characters from the show without any of the commercial interruptions! Players negotiate and sell with Rick, Corey, the Old Man and Chumlee for some serious dough. For added fun, Chumlee’s Video Bonuses feature everyone’s favorites dressed up and dishing out extra credits, with 11 different wheel bonus levels and selected levels doubled in the base game and free games. Check out a preview of the slot machine in action below:


Kick off the night with a round of slots before hitting the Summit View Lounge or visiting our free entertainment at the Mountain View Sports Bar. Check our schedule of events in advance to see where to go to next! Remember, there is more than one way to play (and win!) at Spirit Mountain Casino.

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