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Coyote Espresso Bar Rock Creek Court Coyote Esresso Bar Poker Express

Coyote Espresso Bar

Espresso's, Shakes, Smoothies, Pastries and more...

Rock Creek Court

Meals on the Go

Coyote Esresso Bar

Open 24 hours a day

Poker Express

Stay Fed & Keep Playing

Rock Creek Court

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, Rock Creek Court gives diners a less formal, yet equally pleasurable eating option. Rock Creek's extensive menu includes grilled-to-perfection burgers, hot dogs, chicken, popular asian dishes, over-stuffed deli sandwiches & more.

Coyote Espresso Bar

Some think of it as a cup of joe and a snack. Up here in the Northwest, it’s a way of life. We offer the best assortment of coffees, espressos, fresh fruit smoothies, shakes, baked pastries, bagels and assorted desserts.

Rock Creek Court Hours
Daily Open 23 hours a day
Closed 6am - 7am
Breakfast Served Daily 1am - 4pm
Coyote Espresso Bar Hours
Daily 6am - Midnight
General Information

27100 SW Salmon River Hwy
Grand Ronde, OR 97347
Phone: 503-879-2350
Toll-Free: 800-760-7977